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Chinese Idioms about Oxen and Their Related Stories (+ CD-ROM)

The Chinese Library Series is a collection of graded Chinese readers designed for kids and teenagers, consisting of six levels. There are stories about the life of modern teenagers, classical works, myths, legends, idiom stories and so on, which enable students to learn Chinese characters and words better, improve their Chinese competence and enhance their understanding of the Chinese culture while enjoying the joy of reading. Chinese Idioms about Oxen and Their Related Stories is an elementary-level (600 words) Chinese reader which tells idiom stories about cows using concise language and fantastic illustrations. A wordlist is provided for the story in each book, and small exercises and a passage for extended reading are provided after the story to help students to do self-evaluations and teachers to conduct classroom activities. A free CD-ROM included narrates the story, the passage for extended reading and the wordlist in the book.

Passion for the Game

For the notorious Lady Winter, seduction and duplicity are required to survive. Cunning and precision are the tools of pirate Christopher St. John. Pitted against one another, they are a surprise waiting to happen.

The Outsiders

In Ponyboy’s world there are two types of people. There are the Socs, the rich society kids who get away with anything. Then there are the greasers, like Ponyboy, who aren’t so lucky. Ponyboy has a few things he can count on: his older brothers, his friends, and trouble with the Socs, whose idea of a good time is beating up greasers like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect — until the night things go too far…

La cupula

Es una soleada mañana de otoño en la pequeña ciudad de Chester’s Mill, Claudette Sanders disfruta de su clase de vuelo y Dale Barbara, hace autostop en las afueras. Ninguno de los dos llegará a su destino.
De la nada ha caído sobre la ciudad una barrera invisible como una burbuja cristalina inquebrantable. Al descender, ha cortado por la mitad a una marmota y ha amputado la mano a un jardinero. El avión que pilotaba Claudette ha chocado contra la cúpula y se ha precipitado al suelo envuelto en llamas. Dale Barbara, veterano de la guerra de Irak, debe regresar ahora a Chester’s Mill, el lugar que tanto deseaba abandonar.
El ejército pone a Dale al cargo de la situación pero Big Jim Rennie, el hombre que tiene un pie en todos los negocios sucios de la ciudad, no está de acuerdo; la cúpula podría ser la respuesta a sus plegarias.
A medida que la comida, la electricidad y el agua escasean, los niños comienzan a tener premoniciones escalofriantes. El tiempo se acaba para aquellos que viven bajo la cúpula. ¿Podrán averiguar qué ha creado tan terrorífica prisión antes de que sea demasiado tarde?

USO Del Indicativo y Del Subjuntivo: Libro Del Alumno
The Unofficial Hunger Games Companion

THE HUNGER GAMES is a global publishing phenomenon and is soon to be a high octane, big budget Hollywood box-office hit. With a full author profile and interesting insights into the three-book series and its main themes — from the nature of evil, weaponry, rebellions, and surviving the end of the world — this companion guide will give millions of readers the insider information that they’ve been waiting for since book one! New York Times bestselling author of THE TWILIGHT COMPANION, Lois Gresh, once again gives fans the fascinating facts behind the fiction.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

This is a fantastic addition to the popular Beginners series, providing an informative introduction to the fascinating world of earthquakes for young readers. There are clear explanations of the science behind different types of earthquakes and their effects, including tsunamis and landslides. This title features real-life earthquakes, and describes how people are kept safe and rescued when disaster strikes. Striking colour photographs and step-by-step illustrations engage readers with the subject matter. This title is developed with a reading expert from Roehampton University to help young readers grow in confidence.

Cover to Cover 1. Student Book

The only course that combines reading and vocabulary skills with Extensive Reading and fluency.

Film: The 50 Most Influential Filmmakers in the World

This book is a pocket history of film, covering technical developments, famous directors, actors, and films as well as genres such as Westerns, film noir etc. The book starts with the Lumiere brothers and works up to the present particularly focussing on famous directors such as Cecil B. DeMille, Eisenstein, John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, John Cassavetes, Ingamar Bergman, Roberto Rossellini and Martin Scorsese, and specific trends in films such as women in film, the studio system, genres and the star system. There are also little side panels highlighting famous actors and movies. All in all, this is an excellent pocket introduction to the history and world of film.

Start with English 4. Teacher’s Book

A traditional, easy-to-use course suitable for large classes.